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Wellness Talks & Workshops

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Gemma is a regular wellness motivational speaker, passionate about bringing health and productivity to the workplace. As one of only 90 fully certified Functional Medicine Practitioners in the UK she is a highly respected nutrition expert.

Gemma devises inspiring and powerful expert workshops and talks, empowering staff to adopt healthier lifestyles through mental, physical and emotional awareness. Gemma's wise, empathetic and vibrant manor makes for transformative events with long lasting effects. She believes that workplace happiness and healthy staff directly improve the profitability of a business, due to increased concentration, efficiency and creativity.


Covering corporate wellness, work/life balance and specialised wellness topics, Gemma offers 1 hour lunchtime wellness webinars, half or full day in-person wellness workshops alongside corporate wellness consultancy, should you want to embark on designing a corporate wellness strategy.  

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