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Do we have a killer virus?

I am fascinated in the evolving theories on Covid 19 which are outside of the main stream narrative. Know that my thoughts are with those who are affected by Covid 19 but it's time to join the dots.


So let’s explore this, what if.......

Viruses cannot be considered alive because of their inability to reproduce without a cellular host - therefore you cannot kill something that is not alive. They are genetic packages of information required by our bodies to adapt to our ever toxic environment - like a software update. We require more and more viral updates because our air is so polluted. What if Covid 19 is an update for the lining of the lung - so we can adapt-it attaches to the ACE2 receptors and causes an acute inflammatory response - remember acute inflammation is about repair and healing.

So what’s gone wrong?

1: Pollution- particles called PM2.5 have increased- but especially after the Australian Bush fires Nov19-Jan20 - these particles can carry Cyanide & other toxic compounds. Pollution damages human airways, potentially facilitating viral response.

2: The viruses clump onto PM2.5 therefore we are breathing in unnaturally large amounts of the virus - studies found that an increase of only 1 μg/m3 in PM2.5 is associated with a 15% increase in the COVID-19 death rate.

3: Statins and ACE inhibitor (BP meds) are among most commonly prescribed meds and cause increase of ACE2 expression on the lining of the lung - more ace receptors for viruses to attach to.

4: The population has an epidemic of chronic disease, driving chronic inflammation (think of a raging fire) eg obesity, DT2, CVD etc In 2015 54% of people above 65 in UK had 2 or more chronic illnesses.

NOW let’s connect the dots

-a chronically inflamed medicated lung with increased ace receptors- viral clumping onto toxic PM2.5 overwhelm the lung, more than normal virus attaching to more than normal ace receptors creating more than normal inflammation -cytokines storm (uncontrollable fire)- toxic particles cause hypoxia - lack of oxygen in our red blood cells ..bang ...disaster

Do we have a killer virus?

Or do we have

killer pollution

Killer poly pharmacy

Killer broken food system

Killer lifestyle

Killer fear

Also here is some perspective ....WHO reports that 4.2 million people die from air pollution per year..... please see references below

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