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Menopause Masterclass

A Functional Medicine Approach

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Are you ready to plant seeds for your future health?

Join me, as we delve into menopause from a Functional Medicine perspective, giving you the inner confidence & knowledge to take control. I am excited to offer these transformative online sessions, so you can navigate Menopause with ease and build the foundations for future health.

The cost is just £75, including:

  • Live online 1.5hr group session with Gemma 

  • Live Q&A session

  • A Menopause 7 day diet plan with recipes 

  • Access to session recording to watch later


Functional Medicine Practitioner &
Naturopathic Nutritionist


Gemma McGuigan, BSc, IFMCP, NT (Dip)
Session Host

Who is this session for?

  • If you are struggling with menopausal symptoms

  • Women in their 50’s, 60’s & 70’s who want to be educated and empowered post menopause 

  • All women who are on HRT - it takes more than hormones to support long term health and longevity 

  • Women on HRT who are still struggling

  • Women who are not on HRT and want to understand some natural options for symptoms  

  • Women who want to make the most of menopause 

  • Women who are interested in female health & longevity  

What you will learn?

Menopause can be a time of freedom, empowerment and deep wisdom, it is known as the kinder and calmer phase of life. The fluctuating hormone levels of perimenopause and new stable low levels during menopause do not in of themselves cause destressing emotional & psychological symptoms, however if there is an underlying susceptibility to distress in the body & mind in the first place, there is no doubt that hormonal swings will help bring distress to the surface. Our hormones during menopause give us an opportunity to see once and for all what we need to change in order to live fully and with health throughout the second part of our lives.


  • Why Menopause is a critical window for health & opportunity

  • Know & understand how to harness your sex hormones, thyroid hormones, adrenal hormones & metabolic hormones  

  • How to listen to & understand your menopausal symptoms

  • Supporting the menopausal brain 

  • Supporting the menopausal bones 

  • Supporting the menopausal heart 

  • Supporting the menopausal breasts

  • Midlife weight control 

  • Self empowerment through nutrition, lifestyle, fasting, self care, sleep, mindset, movement, testing & supplements


By looking at the whole body from a Functional Medicine perspective, menopause is a time to build future health & longevity.

Book your session

Book your live online group session

Session time:

  • Thursday 18th April 2024 @ 7pm-8:30pm


Cost £75, including:

  • Live group online session with Gemma 

  • Live Q&A session

  • A Menopause 7 day diet plan with recipes 

  • Access to session recording to watch later

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