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Contact & Fees

Fee Structure for Functional Medicine Consultation
For those seeking to take a deep dive into their health concerns also includes Nutritional Therapy 

  • Discovery Call (15 mins) - free

  • ​Online Initial Investigative Consultation (75 mins) - including additional 45 min analysis & plan writing: £335

  • Online Followup Test Interpretation Consultation (60 mins)- including additional 1hr analysis & plan writing: £235

  • Online Followup Consultation (45 mins): £185

  • Online Additional cost per 30 min: £110

All consultations include an evidence based personalised dietary, lifestyle, tests and supplemental plan. All consultations are either online using secure GDPR compliant platforms such as Zoom or in person at my Lymington, Hampshire clinic. Tests & supplements are an additional cost.

Functional Diagnostic Tests Options

  • Doctor's Data GI360 Stool Analysis 

  • KBMO Diagnostics Food Sensitivity Testing 

  • SIBO Breath Tests

  • Invivo Urinary EcologiX & Vaginal EcologiX

  • Allergy - Precision Point Diagnostics P88 Dietary Antigen Test

  • Precision Analytical Dutch Sex & Adrenal Hormone Panel

  • Mosaic Diagnostic OAT test

  • Genova Metabolomix + Test

  • Regenerus Lab Thyroid Panel 

  • Essential Fatty Acid Panel

  • Mycotoxin & Toxic Metal Panels

  • Autoimmune Cyrex Panels 

  • Lifecode Gx Nutrigenomics DNA Test Panels

  • Armin Labs Viral, Bacterial, Lyme Panels 

  • Cardiometabolic Panels 

  • Functional DX Panels 

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In the unlikely event of having any concerns or complaints about our service, please see the complaints page. 

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