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The Perimenopause 360 Solution

A Functional Medicine Approach


Are you ready to take control? 

Join me, and hormone specialist Dr Katie Hodgkinson, as we delve into the perimenopause from a Functional Medicine perspective, giving you the 360 solution to empower you to take control. I am excited to offer these transformative online sessions, so you can navigate perimenopause and transition into menopause with ease.

The cost is just £95, including:

  • Live online group session with Gemma & Dr Katie Hodgkinson

  • Live Q&A session

  • A perimenopause 7 day diet plan with recipes 

  • Access to session recording to watch later


Functional Medicine Practitioner &
Naturopathic Nutritionist


Gemma McGuigan, BSc, IFMCP, NT (Dip)
Session Host


Dr Katie Hodgkinson, BSc, MB, MRCGP
Guest Presenter

General Practitioner &

Hormone Specialist 

Who is this session for?

  • If you are struggling with perimenopausal symptoms

  • Women in their 30’s, 40’s & 50’s who want to be educated and empowered in perimenopause 

  • All women who are on HRT - it takes more than hormones to support this transition into menopause 

  • Women on HRT who are still struggling 

  • Women who want to transition into menopause with ease

  • Women who are interested in female health beyond the perimenopausal window  

What you will learn?
Perimenopause is a critical window for health and it often acts as a barometer of health, the perimenopause has a way of revealing underlying health problems, it is a vital time for recalibration. Often small problems if unaddressed during perimenopause can amplify to larger health problems down the track, this is truly a tipping point. The good thing about a tipping point is that there is an opportunity to make small changes that could have lasting effects for future health. 

  • Why perimenopause is a critical window for health & opportunity

  • Know & understand your sex hormones 

  • Rebalancing excess cortisol, excess insulin and oxytocin deficiency to harness your hormones 

  • Perimenopause as a sequence of events  

  • The perimenopause brain & body  

  • How to listen to & understand your perimenopausal symptoms

  • Self empowerment through nutrition, lifestyle, fasting, self care, sleep, mindset, movement, testing & supplements

Understanding your symptoms

Not every symptom in our 40’s & early 50's is down to perimenopause! 


First off, to be empowered we need to understand what is going on with our reproductive sex hormones, oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. We also need to understand what other hormones are involved during this critical window. The 360 approach includes not only sex hormones support but support for: 

  • Thyroid hormones 

  • Adrenal hormones 

  • Metabolic hormones 

  • Joy hormones 

By looking at the whole body from a Functional Medicine perspective you can support transition into menopause with ease, grace and health. 


Dr Katie is going to help us understand HRT with a functional medicine approach in mind. We will be discussing:


  • Hormone testing

  • When its right to start HRT

  • What is the best type of HRT

  • Personalisation of HRT

  • Detoxification of HRT, missing in all current HRT discussions 

  • Combining HRT & supplements 

  • Best natural alternatives to HRT

Book your session

Book your live online group session

Choose 1 session time:

  • Thursday 11th January 2024 @ 7pm-9:30pm, or;

  • Saturday 20th January 2024 @ 10am-12:30pm


Cost £95, including:

  • Live group online session with Gemma & Dr Katie Hodgkinson

  • Live Q&A session

  • A perimenopause 7 day diet plan with recipes 

  • Access to session recording to watch later.

Choose your preferred session:

Further support 

Additional supporting products on offer:

  1. Precision Analytics “The Complete Dutch Test” assessment of sex hormones, adrenal hormones & organic acids £450 (included 60 mins session with me to interpret results)

  2. Lifecode GX Hormone genetics panel £350 (normal RRP is £399) - this looks at the individual genetic predispositions for hormonal issues  (included 30 mins session with me to interpret results)

  3. Practitioner only & discounted Biomedica Perimenopause supplements bundle 

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